Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Our Team on the Road

Our SERVPRO Of South Jersey City/ Bayonne was helping with storm restoration down in North Carolina following Hurricane Florence. We were parked in a very rural area which was at a higher elevation and not affected by flooding during the storm.

Always Ready for Disaster!

Here is one of our sprinters which is always ready to respond to a variety of disasters. It is easy to load, maneuver and empty.  Our crew is able to store large amounts of equipment inside and can respond to multiple jobs back-to-back.

Excessive Dirt Behind an Air Vent

While performing a duct cleaning for a business, our SERVPRO team removed an air vent to start the process. The amount of dirt which had gathered behind the vent was staggering! It is essential to have air ducts and HVAC filters cleaned and changed regularly by SERVPRO Of South Jersey City/ Bayonne professionals to ensure clean air and a healthy indoor environment.

Mold in Bayonne, NJ

A sewage loss which is not immediately remediated can turn into mold. This picture shows the mold which resulted from a sewage backup in which the source of damage was not immediately fixed and the resulting contamination was not properly cleaned. SERVPRO Of South Jersey City/ Bayonne was able to clean and remove the toxic materials from the home in just a few days.

Meter on a wall

Wet Walls in Hoboken, NJ

Just because a wall does not look wet does not mean water is not hidden beneath it. SERVPRO Of South Jersey City/ Bayonne utilizes highly specialized equipment to test all materials to determine how wet a wall or other surface is. Our goal is to dry out your home or business with the least amount of disruption so it looks like it never happened.

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SERVPRO of South Jersey City/Bayonne Staff

The SERVPRO of South Jersey City/Bayonne team members are always ready for whatever happens! We pride ourselves on having friendly and professional members of our team help you with any disaster. We are here 24 hours a day!