Water Damage Photo Gallery

Floor Drying in Bayonne, NJ

This photo exhibits in-place Injecta-drying after a water damage. Small holes are drilled into the mats, which cover the wet areas and tubes connect to a special drying system. Moisture is either extracted from the floor or air is pumped through the hose to expedite drying without removing the floor.

Cleaning the Floor with Kaivac Machine

This photo shows one of our crew chiefs using a special steam cleaning machine to properly sanitize the floor of a heavily soiled home. The high temperature and water combine to quickly and effectively remove contaminants and prevent microbial growth from forming.

Drywall falling off the ceiling.

Damaged Ceiling in Jersey City, NJ

This is a water damaged ceiling which resulted from a broken pipe in the unit above. The drywall was falling off and the floor beneath was wet from the dripping pipe in the ceiling. Our SERVPRO Of South Jersey City/ Bayonne crew was able to remove the affected drywall and completed the dry out of the room in three days.

Tenting the Floor for Drying

After cleaning up this water damage, the crew tented the floor and directed the dehumidifier output via a duct under the containment. This method of drying allows SERVPRO Of South Jersey City/ Bayonne to save the flooring from demolition as the dehumidifier can remove the moisture from the floor in an expedited manner.

Trailer Mounted Desiccant on the Job

This is our trailer mounted desiccant at a job site in which water from a leak had flooded the house for an extended period of time. The machine is able to extract a sizable amounts of moisture from the air of a large space. This prevents mold from forming and dries the building in a shorter period of time. It is a very useful tool for the significant water losses SERVPRO Of South Jersey City/ Bayonne responds to.

Water Damage in Montclair, NJ

This water loss started in the second floor bathroom and ran all the way down to the first floor and then down to the basement. Water is extremely destructive and SERVPRO Of South Jersey City/ Bayonne is always ready to contain and prevent further damage.