Cleaning Photo Gallery

People cleaning items in a warehouse

Professional Disinfecting at Goya

Our SERVPRO of South Jersey City/Bayonne cleaning team was called in by Goya to perform a professional cleaning and sanitizing service for their tremendous warehouse facilities in northern New Jersey. Our cleaning crews are always available to provide disinfecting services for homes and businesses looking to maintain clean and safe environments. 

Worker cleaning the inside of a truck

Cleaning Fire Trucks

A member of SERVPRO of South Jersey City/Bayonne's cleaning team is seen here disinfecting and sanitizing a fire truck from a local community. The crew is currently performing professional cleanings of fire trucks for many local fire departments in New Jersey. It is essential to clean high-touch surfaces at all homes, businesses and offices as they are prime areas for spreading potential pathogens.

Group of employees in white protective body suits

The Cleaning Crew is Ready!

The cleaning team always takes the time to properly protect themselves from toxins during mitigation jobs. This keeps the workers and our customers safe!