Fire Damage Photo Gallery

A parked open trailer with a duct extending out the back

Duct Cleaning After a Fire

Our cleaning team was on site at a fire loss with our new duct cleaning equipment! Duct cleaning is an important service our technicians perform to ensure all HVAC airways are clear following exposure to soot and smoke.  

Scene after a House Fire

Upon arrival to this home affected by fire, SERVPRO Of South Jersey City/ Bayonne was struck by the amount of damage sustained by part of the main structure and surrounding area. The scene demonstrates the speed at which fire spreads and the intensity of the damage it inflicts on all it consumes.

On The Fire Scene

It is important to secure a property which has been affected by fire as quickly as possible. SERVPRO Of South Jersey City/ Bayonne responded to a call about the severely damaged condos in the photo which needed an immediate assessment.

Thermal Fogging after a Fire

This picture shows thermal fogging following a fire in an effort to clear the air and remove any odors remaining after the fire. This is a final step performed by our team after demolition of affected materials.

Wall Soot Following a Fire

A depiction of walls after smoke and soot spread throughout the entire structure. This picture shows the preliminary cleaning of the walls to determine the depth of the damage prior to demolition and subsequent rebuild.

Our Duct Cleaning Truck

The SERVPRO Of South Jersey City/ Bayonne duct truck is always ready to service HVAC systems. Throughout the year, dust, mold and various toxins can build within the duct system and cause the air quality within the structure to diminish. Our SERVPRO cleaning team is specially trained and equipped to perform this essential service for residential or commercial properties. In addition to the standard duct work, our crew will also clean out clothing dryer vent systems as these are often overlooked and are the source of many destructive fires every year.

House Fire in Summit, NJ

This damage resulted after a lawn mower caught on fire right outside the house. The owners were not at home at the time and the damage was extensive as the fire spread from the machine to the house very quickly. SERVPRO Of South Jersey City/ Bayonne was able to assess the site quickly and began remediation efforts immediately.